Our new song featuring new bassist, raul and new singer, rudy, is now streaming on myspace. Check it out!


Howdy friends, I am pleased to announce we have a bass player now. His name is Raul aka The Loneranger. He’s a really awesome bassist and totes stoked on having him jam with us.
Tomorrow, we begin recording our new EP with producer/friend Bolin Jue of the band, The Town Troubles. Speaking of the Town Troubles, we are playing a show with them December 16th, 2010 at Space 120 in Downtown Palm Springs. The Monopoly is also playing with one more headlining band TBA very shortly.  Keep checking back for more updates within the next few weeks!

Halloween show

Our 1st show as a 4 piece was a success… More shows sooon hopefully!




BRING A COSTUME and UR friends. Epic lineup!

Halloween show

Howdy friends! We are pleased to announce we will be playing a show featuring our new lineup on October 30th at Roosters restaurant in indio with our good friends: Los Mumblers + The Town Troubles. We will be debuting all new material. Stay tuned for more info!

waz uppp

Virtue Oso has a new singer and drummer. Their names are Rudy and Angel, respectively. We will be playing shows this fall/winter.
patience, patients.


ya’ll. Sorry for the lack of updates. But ‘no news is good news’
We’ve been busy working on new songs.
New songs sound more… hmmm I’m not sure how to describe it. They are like more ‘punkier’ more ’emotional’ and more ‘technical,’ I think.
Working on putting together a new lineup of musicians to make the songs sound more badass. So far, so good.
4 new songs on the way very soon.
Stay tuned, friends.


It pains me to announce that Cody will ‘temporarily’ be ‘absent’ from shows/recording, nothing personal, and there is no beef, but I felt like the band needed as much practice as possible if we are going to record and play shows this month. I have practiced with Angel of the band Los Mumblers, and it appears as tho he will be filling in for Cody, temporarily. We are auditioning bass players and I’m working on writing keyboard parts for the songs. Since I don’t have ‘a godamn clue’ about bass, I hope we find someone that does. Jorge of Los Mumblers and Wilber of A Curious Case will be jamming with us soon. Can’t wait…

New song titles

Sup ya’ll. These are some titles of songs that I’ve been working on. Been working extra hard on these tracks. If you dig Poison the Well, Placebo, or Blood brothers, I think you’ll enjoy them.
– ‘nihilism, baby’
– ‘xanax zombies’
– ‘incandescence’
– ‘deceptions’
– ‘of love’
– ‘all my friends are faux (all my
Friends are foes)